Loraas Information

   2020 Loraas Calendar  – PDF Printable


Loraas Contact Information

Phone – (306)445-3900
Email – Customer.service@loraasenviro.ca

Loraas has asked us to share the following information with our residents, please click on the links below


PDF – residential flyer q and a

TJ74868 Modern Waste Collection FINAL

TJ74869 Loraas Environmental Broch FINAL



Compost pick up will resume on Thursday, April 30, 2020 and continue every Thursday until Fall.

Please leave your compost in Clear plastic bags in your back alley. If you have no back alley then please leave it out front.

Bags can be no heavier than 40lbs. If too heavy bags will be tagged and not taken.

Compost bags can not contain pine cones or branches as these are not compostable materials. These must be taken out to the Transfer Site by the property owner.