Transfer Site Information



Saturday 11:00am – 7:00pm

Garbage must still be tagged when taking out to the Transfer Site.
You can buy garbage tags at the Town Office.
Tags are $3.00 each
If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Town Office at 306-893-2373

The Maidstone Transfer site is for the use of the residents of the Town of Maidstone or the RM of Eldon only.

Electronics bin – Residents of the Town of Maidstone & RM of Eldon are able to drop off any computer equipment and electronic gadgets that are in working or in not working condition.

If you would like to dispose of refuse on days when the site is locked, please contact the Town Office at 893-2373 to make arrangements for disposal (Fees will apply on non-scheduled days).

Click on link for   Tipping Fees – July 2023
Environmental Handling Fees – July 2023

Maidstone Transfer Site is located on Township road 475
NW 25-47-23-W3



Pick up every Thursday

Please leave your compost in Clear plastic bags in your back alley. If you have no back alley then please leave it out front.

Bags can be no heavier than 40lbs. If too heavy bags will be tagged and left behind.

If a bag is contaminated with garbage, it will be tagged and left behind.