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Maidstone is a friendly community situated in west central Saskatchewan at the junction of Highway 16 and Highway 21 North between Saskatoon and Edmonton. This full service community is located in one of the most affluent regions in the province, rich in oil and agricultural products.

The business community of Maidstone serves a trading population of 9,000.

The population is in excess of 1,200 people and has been growing over the past few years. Maidstone is located in one of the most affluent rural municipalities in the province, rich in agriculture and oil activities. Maidstone is the land of canola and purebred cattle in the heart of the heavy crude.

Maidstone has a large variety of services including a Hospital, group home, and senior's lodge and housing facilities. Our elementary and high school provide quality education for approximately 400 students. A whole array of clubs and organizations provide something for all interests. The Town Of Maidstone Library is now also offering free Internet Access

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Feature Business

Feature Business

Keranda Industrial Supply

Located in Maidstone, Saskatchewan, Keranda Industrial Supply has been servicing the surrounding area since 1980. Founded by four members of the local Pike family, Keranda started as a small family business, but has since flourished into a major commercial player.